Team Project: Visualisation of ideas.

After having presented the new idea to my team recently, I told them I would go away and draw up a series of visual representations to depict what the underwater installation could look like, so that the whole team can see where my thoughts were leading toward. After a fair many cups of tea, I’ve managed to gather research from Pinterest surrounding existing paper rock formations. My original idea was to make the wall installation look like a open plan of underwater: with the rock bed on the first level, the sea that goes s upward as the second level and Renee’s fishing net idea as the third level. I wanted the rocks to have a textured feeling and thought brown paper scrunched up to a certain texture would do the trick. These pictures below are images that reinforce my desires, so I made a mood board out them. Notice in the bottom left is an image that also utilises light; the light reflects in a soft beautiful green amongst the paper rocks which is something that Amin was hoping to do with our project too!

Rockwall Moodboard

Now I felt ready to continue drawing what was going on inside my mind! I began by sketching out a really rough, simple concept drawing – it demonstrates basically where each element would rest within the perimeter of our space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From here I went on to draw out our concepts of using boxes and brown paper for the rock bed. We knew we definitely wanted to use this method, and so I didn’t draw out any further conceptual ideas for this. Moving along to the wall. I had suggested two ideas for this part: using toilet paper to weave wave shapes, or to make up 3D equilateral triangles and stick these to the wall. All drawings are depicted in the slide below. Drawing an envisioned layout of each helped us to understand more clearly how my ideas would likely look in reality. They also provided an incentive into moving forward in our making stages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When it came to picking our colour scheme, we’d all come to an agreement that at least two variations of light and dark blue and green would work well for the sea wall. It would also make a nice natural compliment on the brown rock paper. We want our fish to be beautifully coloured; the idea is to depict a bright space of natural beauty demonstrated through paper.

 Recently we have decided to change the look of our wall and are thinking of having spaces between the triangle like in this simple image I painted over in Photoshop. We will be doing this if we run our of paper for our triangles.

painterly drawing

I’m currently waiting for Amin’s supply of boxes which is exciting! I’m unsure of what size/types of boxes he can source for me ( I’ve told him to try get a range of sizes, mostly medium to large) but he said he can get a lot – yay! As soon as they arrive, I’m going to start building up the box wall immediately! Any help will be appreciated as we still have a lot to make.

P.S: I just found a bunch of papers and cardboard lying around at home that we could possibly use for our wall!


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