Team project: Room prep, material planning.

Today was Thursday- project day. This morning we had a quick run down on the importance of being present for this class in order to demonstrate our professionalism. Paul asked whether any of the teams needed certain materials and suggested the use of cellulose paste for those who are doing paper mache objects, to which our team will be. At first, it was just Amin and I, so we went off to our studio room to begin rewriting up a new plan onto the whiteboard.

New plansCharlie and Renee arrived just in time to be a part of our team discussion with Paul which was good! Paul really endorsed the idea of using cardboard boxes as the base of our rock wall. After hearing him confirm that this idea would work well, I have decided that I will  indeed make a box base instead of just applying the brown paper straight onto the wall. Amin also incorporated the idea of having lighting incorporated into our display to further create an interesting blue filter affect. On the board we wrote out a list of materials needed for each part of the installation, allocated team duties and a team budget.

  • Me: Interior and rock design drawings, creation of rock bed, fish creation
  • Charlie: Film admin duties, editing
  • Renee: Fishing net creation, paper mache rubbish making
  • Amin: Lighting, sea wall creation, sea-life creation
  • Esther: Currently up in the air due to absence, helping with  extra sea-life creation

Currently, we will be sourcing materials; sussing out the best pricing and places to get bulk lots of coloured card. Amin is looking into getting brown paper rolls for us as well as card board boxes. I’ve been collecting newspaper, brown paper and various boxes too. We’ve sorted out a new room for our wall display to take place. After the meeting we went on over to clean it out…we filmed our progress as we plan to make a time lapse of the room’s developmental progress. We will then film the final made up wall interacting with our audience.

RoomCleaning our section of the room/floor space was pretty fun-  it was well worth the effort because we were then able to chalk out our space. This visualises exactly how large, wide and high we’ll need to make each element. It was really great to have our idea realised and drawn up in real life; it gave us that positive boost that we needed to move forward in our design process.

Above are two videos I made afterwards to stand in as proof of our days work. I like to use Premiere Pro to edit my videos. Because I have a gaming rig with a built in Nvidia GeForce Exp suite, I can use what is known as ShadowPlay to document my screen. So, rather than taking a bunch of screenshots, I used this function to document my footage editing process as I know its important to prove how long it takes to make films; to show that I am doing a lot with my time! These films are just for the documenting process and are not final clips for the project film (Charlie has voiced that she would like to create our project film). Enjoy!

I’ve also got drawings of how I imagined the room to be constructed, and will need to go away and draw a more refined image of this. I also have to keep developing my rock bed structure…these images will appear in another post sometime soon! Now its my next goal to move onto physical construction of the rock bed on Monday.


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