Team Project: Laying foundations.

According to our brief, the purpose of our Team project is to entertain and engage young people with the qualities, possibilities and abilities of paper. Along the making journey of our team project, each member must demonstrate how they are incorporating all of the course learning into their work. Each project post after this will demonstrate my thinking and making processes for each of the classes: Story, CDF, Professional practices and Creative Technologies: Tools. 

After some deliberation and thought processing, my team have come to the agreement that the story of our project will visually narrate pollution towards marine life and the aquatic environment. Our original storyline was to be in the form of large 3D fish, each with its own informational kiosk. This would’ve been placed in kelly Tarltons and we would have filmed a narrative of young audiences engaging wit hour stands. We would have asked for permission to film the real marine life and create a film that demonstrated the protection of sea life due its real environments being polluted. We had not fully fledged this story world however, as we later adapted this idea into the final story piece we have today.

This story consists of a visual paper wall installation of an underwater rock wall, with the sea and a fishing net above. Below the beautiful paper sea life rest, with a sandy floor to complete it. The story was to depict and use an organic, recyclable material – the paper – to represent what is natural in the aquatic environment. We then introduce the plastic rubbish, valued as a stark contrast and an invasive material. This is what pollutes our fishing net and parts of the rock wall. In the film we wanted to demonstrate the story of our making processes, as well as to capture an audience engaging with the final product.

In regards to Creative Technologies Tools, I have been making the most of using Adobe Bridge for RAW file photo editing, Premiere Pro for making small evidential clips, Photoshop for further work on photographs, making mood boards and levelling out colouration within my drawings. Using other tools such as my Canon 500D, Macbook Pro and tripod have also come into play throughout the project. Back at home, my gaming rig also has NVIDIA ShadowPlay, to which I have been using to capture my screen editing as further proof of my use in this field of tools.

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