Team project: Idea modification.

While having time off during mid semester break, I began to gather research via Google images and Pinterest for wire frame base and sculptural concepts, in order to help myself better understand how I might go about making my 3D model fish. I’ve been thinking I could construct a wireframe out of chicken wire or something similar, then apply paper to fill the inside and build up/decorate the exterior of my fish. Below are two mood boards of my research into this.


Wireframe base insight.


3D Fish model ideas.

There are some beautiful creations here that inside my thinking; I could fit the frame with newspaper or tissue, then wrap strips of coloured paper around the outside, and continue to build it up this way. This could create an interesting layered effect, which I could use to eventuate scales on the fish. I’m also interested in quilling paper to make curved fins and details. I was thinking of either making a butterfly koi, discus fish or another type of popular aquarium fish in order to raise some awareness about their wild counterparts: where they are found, how they are caught and sold etc, how can we protect them in the wild? These are some initial wireframe concepts of a few fish species. I thought that drawing their wired skeletons would help me in choosing my final fish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update: It is now the last couple of days before we start university again, and Renee still has not contacted Kelly Tarltons! Because of this, we cannot guarantee whether K.T will allow us to use them for a filming/presentation location. This is slightly frustrating, because I’ve already begun planning how this could be possible, as well as having started research and drawing for my fish model. With this new development in mind, I began to ponder upon a potential plan B. I remembered to keep in mind how could keep the ‘fish/sea pollution awareness’ idea, and to make sure it would still truly celebrate paper, maintaining our use of a wide variety of designing and various paper materials as well as to have enough components for each team member to enjoy being a part of. After some thought and inspirational imagery searching, my mind struck the idea of an underwater wall-art installation.

With this new idea in mind, I envisioned the that we could utilise a corner section of wall at Unitec. Within this space we could create a 3D sea bed with waves reaching up the wall. We could use brown butcher’s/craft paper to create the rocky sea bed, and various hues of blue and green card to make a triangular geometric-style wall of sea/waves. I also found a toilet paper wall art image that inspired the idea of perhaps making white wave caps. We would then make sea life with other coloured, textured, patterned card and soft tissue, and paper rubbish (bottles, cans, tins etc) via paper mache to fill the underwater scene to make our visual statement of sea pollution.

Project Moodboard

‘Underwater wall art’ moodpboard. Ideas on wall backdrop, marine life decor.

Today ( Wednesday May 11) we had our usual team meeting to discuss the direction of our project. We voiced our concerns that Kelly Carlton’s hadn’t been contacted/confirmed, as we now only have about five or so weeks to ensure that everything would be made and ready to film. In the end, I proposed this new underwater wall art installation idea to the team in order to sort out all of the complications that were arising from this issue. They really liked it and agreed it could be easier to manage at throughout the remaining weeks. The fact that Unitec would be our location now makes everything a lot more flexible and accessible. Renee added onto the idea by saying that we could create a fishing net from twined string or something similar. This would drape across the top of our cordoned off section of wall. The paper trash we make can hang from the net. We all loved this idea too and are going to roll with it. The new idea really excites me as I can see it really becoming a nice design piece as well as a great visual statement for marine/sea pollution. I really just want to ensure that our team works together and that we will have a finished product to film and engage an audience with. It would’ve been great to have experienced using Kelly Tarltons though.

On Saturday May 7th, our team chat received a message from Esther in regards to her having to go to China due to personal family matters. She said she may not be in for the next two weeks, so I proposed to keep in contact with her and update her on our ideas/progressions. After our team meeting today, I sent her a Facebook message explaining our new direction so that she won’t be left out.

Esther agreed this idea sounded good; now we can proceed on planning out our material scouting, room set up and essentially get this show on the road!!!


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