Leadership, management, conflict.

Unfortunately I had to stay at home today due to my tonsillitis just being out of control in terms of soreness and coughing…which meant that I had to miss out on participating in classes today. As Moodle does not display week 9’s subject topic, I’ve had a look at peoples WordPress blogs. From what I can gather the lesson for today was in regards to understanding the specifications of people management. 

“People don’t do things that don’t make sense to them.”

This was an opening quote from John. I’m not sure in what conversational context this related to, however the statement alone is rather profound and somewhat debatable. On one hand, one could say people naturally shy away from discomforting situations; they are less inclined to engage in confusing situations and withdraw in oder to process and make judgements. Another end of the scale would be that sometimes when people are placed into nonsensical issues, they try their best to overcome the problem and in turn, learn to accomplish things that they once found unfathomable. People are all very different to one another too; our cultural, spiritual, education, behaviours, health, income and upbringing contribute to the way in which we shape and understand the world around us. These aspects of our lives also define what does or doesn’t make sense to us. Our morals and ethical outlooks on life are yet another crucial concept that determines whether or not we choose to participate in a situation.

The class also discussed what it means to be a leader as opposed to being a boss. I think that both a boss and leader would be someone who would have a great understanding of their own morals, directions and goals. The difference however would be that a genuine and good leader would be someone who would consider/respect all of the above in people. A leader would make sure that their team is comfortable and willing to go forth in the mission they are undergoing. A boss however, is more interested in advancing themselves through the work of others. A boss can obviously still be a kind, lovely person- but they may not be overly aware of all their employees stories and comfortabilities in the way a team leader can…I hope I am making this make sense as it does in my mind…anyway, I grabbed some pictures from Google to further show some differences between a leader and boss!


A little exercise was done called “What type of leader are you?”. I think they used this chart as I found it on a class members WordPress:


Interestingly enough, I can see parts of myself in the Visionary, Affiliative and Democratic leadership styles…so I guess that just makes me a positive person? As a youth group leader, it is of my concern and desire to see others feel included, to feel comfortable to ask questions and in turn grow within a positive, caring, loving environment. I find myself learning and growing alongside my peers too, so its a win-win situation! Its my goal to engage in clear communication with people, to help out in the best ways possible and to create a team situation where everyone can progress together in their and our journeys with Christ and friends/peers.

Last of all, conflict was added into the managerial role. A video was watched about how to handle conflict in any given situation; this anagram was provided as a source of advice. It seems very appropriate – a very clear way to stop and break down a situation and figure out how to understand both sides of the story, and how to amend it.

S – Source – what is the source of the conflict, who is involved

T – Time and place – when and where to discuss

A – Amicable approach – start with the positive, positive attention

B – Behaviour – be specific

E – Emotion –“because of this behaviour I felt. . . .”

N – Need – what do I need out of the conflict, what do you need to change.

I’m annoyed that I missed out on this class today, because it seemed really informative! Here’s hoping next week will be just as interesting!



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