Balance, tone and proportion: Final.

After having a brief look at some examples of letterforms that have been designed into a digital presentable form, we were told that our final must also either be painted or inked onto quality paper OR scanned into the computer, and digitally rendered/enhanced. I have chosen to continue using graphite pencil, as I wanted to continue the hand drawn look. I also haven’t used graphite pencil as much as i have this semester, and I am really enjoying exploring the tonal contrasts it can easily acheive. I placed the finished image into a frame with a black background, to have it pop out from the frame and continue the contrast in tone with background and foreground. Here is my final result.


In designing these monograms over the past two weeks, I’ve remembered that balance, tone and proportion are three crucial elements in any given design. Balance anchors the design, positive distributions of weight allow a design to rest harmoniously within its given space. Various tonal values provide clear contrast and define a design’s various hues, shadows and shapes. Proportion aids balance, and can determine where the eye is drawn to. 

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In my final design, these three elements are achieved the light and dark tonal contrast made by my graphite pencil. The weights of my dark grey and white lines also create a tonal contrast that allow for the image to be broken up into readable parts that work together forming the overall design. The symmetry of shape, pattern and line achieves a balanced design, while also distributing an even proportion of weights, harmonising the image further.

I have really enjoyed exploring these elements in the form of a monogram; I never fully knew what a monogram was until after these lessons, so i pleased to have engaged myself in a brand new design experience.


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