Creative industries discussion.

Last week there weren’t any classes running for Professional Practices due to the Study Week break. Therefore nothing was posted to WordPress for this reason. Now it is week 8, the final time for classes before mid semester break. Today we commenced our learning with that of the creative industries and formative assessments on our individual code of conducts.

Prior to class, John had emailed us requesting we look into three New Zealanders who are entrepreneurs of the creative industries. I had chosen to talk about Icebreaker’s Jeremy Moon, 42 Below’s Geoff Ross and Karen Walker who has her own jewellery brand in her name. However, we didn’t end up discussing this at all, so perhaps some other time…

Moving right along! The first thing we done today was have a quick formative, peer assessment on our individual code of conducts. We were told to use post-its, and write down pertinent questions that could aid in helping the receiver to think about their design/rules and what they could do to improve it. Pertinent questions are ones that contain meaning and direct relevance to the subject. They are useful because they allow for thinking and evaluation to proceed. I found this small exercise to be useful as it made me more aware of my own layout, and what could be done to improve it.

We then broke off into the groups around our tables to discuss what kinds of creative industries exist. This was transpired into a list. We realised though that some of the things on our list were not classed as industries but were more the professions within such industries…for example we had written things like song composer or musician instead of music industry. In our haste, we got a bit too excited and started to veer off and onto the wrong track. It seemed a few groups did this too and John pointed out our error. Whoops!

After this, my table chose to explore the fashion industry. We each looked at various elements around this; I had ethics. After looking at a few research sources, I put together a small paragraph in my own words what some ethics are surrounding the fashion industry. This was just a small exercise to engage us into mulling over particular creative industries; to make us aware of how extended these fields are and the amount of work that goes into such places.


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