After having completed my research for this weeks class, I began to consider what my own monogram could look like. I thought seeing as I have not made such a design before, that a good font to choose a letter from would be that of Trajan Pro. This came to mind because the lettering is a serif consisting of curvilinear and straight lines, which would make for interesting letterform manipulation.

My first steps were to go on Photoshop, and draw out my initials: S,W. I then played around with how the letters could fit together in a manner that was either symmetrically balanced or balanced with its allocation of weight. I then went online and found some existing S,W monograms to trace over as practice. These are the six monograms shown on the right of the page below.


After this, I then moved on to developing my two favourite Trajan Pro monograms by introducing decorative elements and tone through various shading techniques. I tried out using horizontal lines to create a softer grey tone behind the darker grey S in the first monogram. In the second monogram, I made these lines appear diagonally; interchanging from a thin to thicker weight. In my third one, I used stippling and cross hatching. In all of my monograms, the contrast between lighter and darker grey tones demonstrates not only various levels of tone, but also achieves a balance between the colourations.


Balance has also been achieved through summery, and the alignment of lines and shapes. The way in which certain decorative elements have been placed once again balances the weight of each design, by holding the weight within the frames created. The proportion in each design is relatively equal, however I would comment that I have made the W’s slightly smaller than the S’s, and that the W’s are positioned behind. This and in conjunction with their often lighter tones, I have made the W’s less dominant in most of my monograms. i think this was a natural instinct the occurred in terms of the order in which I would prefer for the letters to be seen, as my initials are S then W.

I have never had a go at making monograms before; this lesson was really enjoyable and I found making them to be quite a relaxing activity. The research and making of were both interesting and engaging; its amazing to see so many wonderful decorative letterforms our in the wider world; there was a lot of inspiration to draw from. in my own developments, I quite like the third octopus looking one with the sandy stippled W, or the fourth one that looks like twisting ribbons. I will pick one to work on as my final piece next week.


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