Videography introduction.

This week is pretty awesome because we’re now looking at filming! Today we had a small run through presentation on Unitec’s DSLR cameras and how to set them for film usage. After looking at some of the basic functionalities and know-how’s, we set off in small groups to film a series of short clips that could later be edited into a short process story. This will likely be edited on Premiere Pro later on in the semester.

It seems as though Unitec only has Nikon cameras available for use which is a let down because I much prefer Canon. That’s okay though; I might have to save up for a better camera! In the meantime I currently own a Canon 500D and will be using this. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring my camera in today; I tried looking for my charger but couldn’t find it anywhere! So the camera had to stay at home, flat and unusable…I didn’t end up having time to make any clips with my group today, so I gave Carsten some random footage I’d made back at Easter Camp. I am not satisfied with that though, so I will have to film something later on and then give that to him to change it.

Update: I have filmed a new sequence to give to Carsten. It is of my boyfriend making a cup of tea then having a quick sip of it. I have made up a quick storyboard for this as Carsten suggested and it really helped me to get a story fleshed out in film. I will place the film onto a usb for further editing at the next class! Here is my storyboard:


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.45.01 PM

 Above: a shot from my series of footage. From the fourth storyboard scene; reaching out to take a mug from the cupboard.


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