Innovation presentation day.

This morning my team finally got to share our innovation slideshow with the class. The selected topic of our choice was Transmedia Storytelling. We had decided to explore this particular area for it seemed to offer a fir amount of research avenues for us all. Prior to creating our slideshow, I had never heard of this terminology before. I had no idea what transmedia storytelling was, so this small assignment proved to be rather interesting; I learnt new things that intrigued me! Funnily enough, transmedia storytelling is simply a story being told over many types of media formats in order further the progression of its fanbase, income, story and so on.

The Harry Potter franchise is a fine example. At first it was simply a  story of a boy wizard told throughout a series of novels. This then transpired into movies, games, comics, fan art, websites and much much more.

Once again, I think that our team pulled off another good presentation! We had gathered a fair amount of research together and knew our topic well. We stood and spoke clearly and directly to the class with ease. I still find myself feeling nervous and getting a bit shaky; but I know that with more practice and time, my presentation confidence can only improve.

Another team spoke of “The Future of Work” which proved to be a rather compelling point of discussion at the end. This subject provoked us all into thinking about what our own workplaces could look like in the future; would we be working at home? What would office spaces be used for? How would this change the social aspects of our work life? Lastly, Dan introduced us to WunderList which is this listing/brainstorming website where people can collaborate their ideas either alone or in groups! This could be quite useful for our work; if I ever need a space online for listing, this is where I shall go!

When we come back after the mid-semester break, Dan says to bring a camera along, for we shall be delving more into filmography…yes!!! This is exciting; can’t wait!


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