‘Innovation’ Research & class reflection.

This morning my team was scheduled to present our innovation Presentation on Transmedia Storytelling. However due to our class time running over, we are now going to present next week. What we did do in class was listen to another team speak about the future of content. That was a rather thought provoking topic that lead on to an engaging class conversation in regards to the moot: Content delivery will dictate the future of our own and later generations social interaction and/or our way of thinking”. 

It was quite interesting to hear how people in the class had interpreted this moot. I personally think that currently, we as individuals do have a choice in what we choose to consume and indulge in. We have a choice whether or not we want to keep a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so on. We have a choice in how we choose to share our content experiences; I could choose to make a Facebook post about a film I just watched and I could also talk about it with friends via Skype, or face to face.

All of these platforms allow me to share my content experience and thus continue a story. However, I would say that although we do have the freedom of choice, to some degree our choices can become limited. This would be due to the world changing beyond our control. For example, I could choose to be an individual without Facebook. Instead I may choose to write letters to friends…but this format of content sharing is outdated for most; I would be lucky to receive a written response.

In some ways, we are forced into changing and fitting into newer formats of content delivery, in order to ‘keep in the loop’ with friends, family, world news and so on. So this does beg the question of how newer content sharing formats may begin to change us/recondition us into yet another newer stage of delivery, sharing and thought processing…and what exactly would this new stage possibly look like? 

Also, here is a set list of the websites I used in the previous week to gather information and insight into that of Transmedia Storytelling!

Website resource urls:

Picture resource urls:


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