InDesign: Magazine pages.

Today we continued exploring InDesign and magazine making by adding on pages to create more content. Carsten briefly explained how text boxes work with large quantities of text; it threads from one box to another at the click of a button on the bottom right of the text box. Bleed is another term spoken of today. This is an indicating area that allows an image to fall outside of the page to ensure the image is placed correctly. The slug is similar to this as well; these spaces do not show up in the printing process.

Here is my final magazine spread to view: Wk7 Magazine Pages

Before starting my new pages, I had a look at some layouts for inspiration, then gathered more photographs and text for placement. Once I was ready, I reopened last weeks cover document, and added more pages for the spread. After this, a series of image importing, sizing and placement ensued. I then worked on the text by importing text from outside sources. I must say that I have always struggled at working with columns and how to make the text perfectly justified with good leading and kerning of the lettering. This is a hard one for me and it takes ages to get decent. I would like to learn more about how to make this process go by a lot quicker/easier. Yes, if there is anything that bothers me most it is this. The layout of my text in the article of my magazine bugs me a lot, but that was the best I could get it to after a good hour and half of trying. I also wanted to create my own Purina ad using their logo, some text and a chosen image from google. Below is a slideshow of my working stages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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