Team project: Idea confirmation.

Today in class, Paul called up each team to discuss their current idea with him. This was really good because it pushed us into a space where we really had to think about what our idea was; its narrative, its purpose, the process we must undergo to get to the finished product. Talking with Paul also helped to further refine our idea. We chose to make our plan A to use Kelly Tarltons as our filmic choice. Upon telling Paul, he thought this was a great idea! He suggested that our fish could even be endangered species. This sparked my idea to create a kiosk type set up, where our paper fish could each have an infographic alongside it. The infographic could display some cool facts that would inform our audience and raise awareness about the fish and why they’re endangered.

With it now being week six, I realised that our team really needed to hone in on what tasks each member should be assigned to and that we really needed to set out a time frame for our tasks. I was itching to get into the studio rooms to get our team plan underway. Once we were allowed to go, I sprung into action, drawing up our final game plan on an A3 to present to the team.


They all agreed that this kiosk idea was really cool. So we started to discuss who would like to do what. We have myself, Esther and Amin on fish researching, conceptual and developmental making duties and Renee and Charlie on infographic board making processes and organising/inquiring on matters such as uni projectcontacting Kelly Tarltons, organising potential budgeting and that sort of business. I got into action by making a weekly plan of when each task should begin and be completed by so that we can have a realistic grip on all the bits and pieces of our project. Renee managed to get us a private space down the corridor to which Amin has placed a lock on. So now we have a small private studio for making and storing our paper project within!


I feel pleased to have made some executive decisions because I used to be quite shy, but am finding that through this course, I am learning to open up and become far more expressive with my peers.


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