Object archetype etc.

Today’s exercise is all about looking at objects again. This time I need to identify each ones archetype/s, its most likely demographic and what kind of psychographic profiles would find this attractive. I also must think about the chosen objects are a part of my life; are they simply utilitarian? Yes or no? Okay, so I have chosen to revisit my cross necklace and my cat Misty.

  1. Cross necklace. This object could come under a fair amount of archetypes. I say this because the cross essentially symbolises Jesus and his journey before and after the cross. The creator archetype fits due to God being father, son and holy spirit and creator of all space and time. The everyman and caregiver archetypes apply due to Jesus Christ being the son of man; son of the God for all man past, present, future. He is loving, caring and reaches out to the broken, weary, weak, lost- the everyman. Magician, ruler and hero could all fit as well; Jesus on the cross changed the way in which we can come to the father and into a relationship with him. The Lord is ruler over all things and could be viewed as a hero because he is good and merciful. Its demographic would likely be religious groups such as Christians, Catholics and sub categories of such things, like JW’s and all that…Psychographic types would be The Belonger, Socially Conscious Type A and (hahaha) Socially Conscious Type B. I don’t have this necklace just to wear it around my neck; it serves a symbolic and personal connotative meaning for me. Personally, I do not say I have a ‘religion’. Yes, I am a Christian, but what I have is a personal relationship and a faith in Jesus Christ. This cross symbolises that and the walk of life I have chosen to share with Him.
  2. Misty…I mean, cat! This sassy lady’s archetypes are probably based around her personality and the traits that cats share. She would fit under the ruler type because cats by nature are bossy, sassy, crazy masters of manipulation and demand you wait on them hand and foot…or should I say paw and paw? Misty would fit under the explorer archetype because cats love to well, explore! They go on random late night walks outdoors, wedge their way into small spaces and climb tall trees- just for fun! Jester would be another good one; just because cats do the darnedest things! Maybe lover too? They seduce us in for cuddles with their fluff and big doe eyes…only to give us a good scratch or bite on the hand…naughty! some demographics that a cat would fall into are: children, cat lovers, crazy cat ladies, families. Psychographic profiles that suit this object are The Belonger and Socially Conscious Type A. Once again, this cat is not in my life just for utility. I do not own her so that she can sleep on my bed, whinge for food and take up couch space. No, she is my family pet, our friend and we look after her and treat her like a part of the family.

Looking at objects like this show me more about their stories, traits and ways of explaining how and why they are in the world. It also shows what type of personality I have too; that I fall under The Belonger and Socially Conscious Type A psychographics. To be honest, these do suit me and I didn’t even know this categorical system existed until this weeks class!


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