Non-human characters.

Today we furthered our conversation around characters and their archetypes by delving into more non-human character forms; how their archetypical traits add a certain value to their overall story. For example, we looked at various laundry powders finding that Persil has an ‘explorer’ archetype. This reaches out toward a branch of stories based around the curious, outdoorsy childhood; promoting exploration, messy fun and then of course, a good clean up afterward.

The Mac vs PC ad clips also proved the same point; two computer technologies, two very different archetypes/stories/functionalities. These advertisements are evidentiary proof that everything we have in our world comes along with its very own story to tell; even the most trivial of objects. This is due to our very human nature and desire to communicate to one another through details, facts, fiction, stories, stories stories! It’s natural to speak,  make gestures, share commonalities and connect to one another and our things. Stories draw us nearer toward a deeper, more personal connection with any given thing that we’re identifying with and therefore creating a relevance toward it. This is one of themes crucial ways we make the end decision on buying most things- because their story drew us toward it!

Paul Bennett’s TED Talk contained a nice story about this in regards to a hospital room. He explained how in making small changes to a clinical hospital room can make all the difference for a sick patient. Something as minuscule as painting the ceiling can completely change the mood , and therefore the story for that room and its user experience.

We also learnt about psychographics today…this was anew word for me! It is sort of like a demographic, but based upon a common mental properties, such as the socially conscious type A, or the Belonger. We’re constantly learning a lot of really awesome and intriguing things in this class- it’s a very thought provoking and stimulating environment to be in!


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