Note taking & cultural awareness.

Note taking was at the forefront of conversation for this weeks class. In the beginning our groups explored various tips that could increase the value of our notes, as well as reduce the time in which it takes to write them down. Some of which would be to bullet point, make categories, use shorthand or longhand, highlight important words and so on. We then put these ideas into action through a small exercise. I was paired up with Sam; we had to exchange questions about one another in order to find out and take note of their answers. The whole note taking exercise was a bit tedious for me. I just didn’t learn a whole lot from the note taking section but that’s okay as I understand it would’ve been valuable to other class members. I also understood that this is an important aspect of professionalism; to listen intently to fine details, to make sure you can capture the most essential pieces of information and to always consider how to create pertinent questions in order to gain further information.

What was more interesting was talking about culture within New Zealand’s society. What is culture? I think that culture refers to a societal groups set of collective customs, successes, intellect and values. Each of these subtopics would have manifested then set themselves into a certain mannerism that has been retained by the said group for a long period of time, thus their special practices have become tradition and in turn, cultural.

It’s important to have an understanding and awareness of ones own culture, as well as the culture of others and the nation upon which you live in. There can be many ethical issues around culture when it becomes intertwined in politics, art & design, media etc. due to special rules, customs, property/ownership, beliefs and so on. Therefore, to have an awareness of such things allows oneself to develop a level of respect for the cultures of others and of oneself. New Zealand has a lot of rich cultural history from that of the Maori tribes and iwi. Today when we spoke of the survey around NZ’s identity, I was appalled that anyone could think the questions in there reflected how multiculturally rich, how diverse our nation is today. The class left me with a fair amount of ‘food for thought’, and I enjoyed the philosophical discussion around our cultural values.


Reminder: My individual code of conduct is due to be uploaded to Moodle soon (April 11). This week I will work on a layout for it and place my text into the document, then upload once complete.


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