Formative Critique.

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with either Paul or Rowena to have a look at the progress of our CDF work thus far. Paul set aside some time for me, and together we had a quick overview of my WordPress website. I explained to him what work I had completed and what was yet to be achieved. Paul was very encouraging and said that the holidays would give me plenty of time to catch up on the small gaps I have. He expressed that my WordPress site is easy to navigate due to the tabs I have made; he also liked that my site had its own identity via the logo and colour scheme. These were all very positive comments and together we didn’t have any negatives to focus on. I then signed a sheet to confirm that the evaluation had taken place.

In regards to my progress within creativity and design fundamentals, I would have to say that I am moving at a steady pace, but would agree that I should step up the game and focus on completing all currently unfinished tasks. This way, I will be ready for week 9 and can continue to create new work without the stress and worry of old work dragging me down. The work load is perfectly acceptable; five being a minimum is really quite generous as this is not much at all! I aim to do five as the minimum each time, and do not mind overstepping this number in order to explore the weekly tasks further. This only means I can grow and learn more each time!



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