Our Theme Team Presents…

Today my team conducted our first in class presentation! Our point of discussion lay within the realms of technological realities; augmented, virtual and beyond. We had Renee start us off with a brief insight and definition of our said topic, while Amin paved out some historical/possible future statistics and predictions toward these technologies; their increasing rates of development. This allowed for me to lead in with how V.R, A.R and other technological realities could potentially become detrimental to our physical, mental and social health and wellbeing due to their status of becoming more commonplace within New Zealand’s households/society. Charlie then demonstrated how technological realities are trending and becoming normalised/integrated into various aspects of our world, such as in retail and education systems. Lastly, Esther rounded us off with a snappy conclusion and our team moot:

“The way we currently interact with technological realities pose a threat towards real-life social interactions amongst future generations”

Our Moot seemed to spark up a fair amount of in-depth conversation; some points were made that our health and social interactions are already somewhat negatively affected even with our current technologies. This made the class wonder how newer technological realities could snowball such negative impacts.

We also heard a presentation on McLuhan/Toffler/Kurzweil. It was interesting to learn about these three men and their significant influences on and with technologies. Dan then stressed the importance of this particular class; that in learning about these topics we are gaining knowledge and insight into our futures. After all, some of us will quite possibly be designing specific content for such technologies! No matter which creative pathways we choose to forge for ourselves and take a hold of, it is important to have these contexts under our belts- before we walk out into the big wide world; the great playground of ideas! To finish off, Dan then explained how ‘MindMeister’ ( a mind mapping website) works.

Overall, I was really happy with my team presentation today! I felt that throughout the week prior, we had communicated well. We set aside time to sit down together to discuss the topic and its required parts, then allocated ourselves a task each. We made use of social media to contact one another and keep up to speed with our slide’s progress. This morning we all met up earlier in The Long Black, just to make sure everyone was okay on what to say too! I was really proud of my team for all ‘giving it a go’, standing up in front of the class and speaking clearly into the microphone. Presenting is NOT my strong point, so I was happy to have made my point somewhat clear without tripping all over my words along the way. It was a good way of preparing ourselves for our next upcoming innovation presentation. Well done team!



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