InDesign: Magazine cover.

Last week was Easter Break so we did not have any work to produce. However, today we’re back! As of this week, we’re now learning the basics of InDesign! Today this was expressed  through the making of a faux magazine cover. This way we could look into placing an image into a frame, adding text and exploring how to change its colours, using rectangles for banners and so on. InDesign also has a function that allows thWk6 Magazine Covere maker to view their imagery in a certain quality; I prefer to set this to the highest display quality so that I can easily view my working processes.

We went over the basic tools and their functionalities; once again these are things I know about due to prior experience at high school. Although I am currently not learning anything new in this class, its really good to be doing these exercises because they refresh my skills- reminding me how to use these tools correctly and efficiently.

Some things to consider when making a magazine cover would be typography, leading, kerning, imagery, space, sizing, alignment, colour, placement to say the least. A good tip for magazine making is to draw out the cover in a thumbnail size, in order to weigh up various concepts before creating the real piece.

For my magazine, I wanted to focus on animals, specifically dogs. I made my magazine a more higher quality styled magazine through the use of professional photography and a nice serif font. The design is minimal to echo class and quality. This reflects what kind of demographic my magazine would lean toward; dog enthusiasts/dog owners of middle to upper-class status. I used imagery from Alicia Zmysłowska who specialises in dog photography. Firstly I created a document for print, then created a rectangle the size of the cover. Go to file, place in order to pop the image directly into said box. Right click and fit the image to the frame accordingly. I then drew another rectangle and made it light grey, and reduced the opacity to create a banner. The text is then inserted and played around with in terms of colour, sizing, font choice and alignment. I placed in a barcode for a final touch.

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