Team project: Idea processing.

Last week we cut out a series of titles according to materials, mediums and themes. Today we revisited our cut outs with Gina and Paul checking in on our progress. My team decided to lay out our labels on a large table. At first we just randomly picked pieces and placed them together, but then later we started to turn them upside down so that we could guarantee that each pick would be completely random. This method proved to be quite difficult for my team. Some of the members were not really engaged or sold on the whole process. A few interesting ideas emerged though, like  fashion, train, tissue and card paper, indian ink, city. I could start to see images pop into mind with the labels set up on the table, but the team was quite set on wanting to proceed with the fish idea. I was completely fine with this because I like the fish idea too.


So, we then gathered around our studio whiteboard and began to discuss and generate a more in-depth idea for our paper fish project. We wrote down main points of focus such as our demographic, our theme which is about environmental awareness and how we want our film to come out. So far we are thinking of making a process video that will show the end result of our work. Some new ideas that have arisen are that we could take the fish out into real life spaces, such as the city to demonstrate the fish in a polluted environment and have the city serve as this metaphorically. Another awesome idea is taking the fish into Kelly Tarltons and using their tanks as backdrops for our film. We wrote down points we need to think about such as the size of the fish and cost of materials…I am pleased that our idea has started to evolve and grow into a more in-depth concept. This means that we have the ability and know how to move forward and get into action sooner.





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