‘Storytelling for CDF’ continued.

This weeks class has been moved forward to next week due to the Easter Break schedule. However, I am still going to publish this on the correct date so as not to disrupt my chronological flow. Once again, we’re going back to storytelling through that of storyboarding and instructional design.

A quick side note: Some things that are really sticking with me from these classes are the fact that we are being encouraged to simply explore and strengthen our drawing and making as much as possible. The facilitators are often emphasising that the quality of our finished products do not entirely matter as of yet; its preferred that we draw rough conceptual/developmental ideas with interesting materials (heavy led pencils, charcoal, sticks and ink etc). This is relevant to me because I am definitely one of those people who tend to focus on creating work to a higher standard. I try my best to make things look good and am good at worrying about the end result. Taking a step back to remember that all good work stems from constant practice and fleshing out ideas is a good thing! It is really important to just draw and pop out ideas no matter how rough or strange, because that is how all good things begin! howto_nikeshoes

In todays class we had a look through some easy to read/use instructional designs. One that especially stuck out to me was the How to draw a Nike shoe. This was probably because it was laid out in the format of a poster, and was very visual. The simple line drawings provided an easily understood graphic that could be read across many languages.

Another subject of instructional design we examined is that of way-finding (getting form A to B) and especially that through web design. We looked into Fitt’s Law, that it is faster to hit larger and closer targets ( or in this case buttons and links etc). (http://bit.ly/1T5qs6h). The clip demonstrates this method through web and app design…which I found easy to relate to since technology is so widely used these days. It is rather enjoyable learning about how to tell stories within so many frontiers of design! We’ve been told to create instructional storyboards. I am also going to use this time to storyboard some ideas I have had for our Project work too.


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