Easter Break; self management.

This week we did not have a class due to the Easter Break. We have not been issued with any work for week 5 on Moodle either, so I think I will use this week to establish what will be in my individual code of conduct contract. I’ll make use of this space to write up a draft of my contract, then transfer it into a neater, more graphically appealing format…perhaps make it look like a poster? That would make the task more interesting and engaging too!

A quick side note about Professional Practices thus far: I have enjoyed learning about professionalism and what is to be expected in real world fields of creative practice. I have found that the integration of a highly interactive and collaborative class atmosphere has strengthened what we are learning, for we get to share opinions and work together which I personally feel is beginning to reinforce what we are learning. I find that I am beginning to open up and communicate my thoughts within team situations a lot more clearly than what I would have a few years ago. I also enjoy that we use a range of mediums in our learning processes, such as Youtube, TED Talks, the lecturers, our peers etc.

– Sophie Wilkin’s Code of Conduct –

This contract is designed to establish an agreement between Sophie Wilkin and her fellow class members in accordance to that of which is stated below. Upon signing, Sophie must abide by the rules and guidelines of this agreement. If violated,this contract stands in as an initial mediator and, if required, a said dispute may be taken up with a facilitator in order to resolve such matters.

I think I want to break my contract down into three main sub categories:

Personal attributes: I must be…

  •  respectful physically and verbally toward team members
  •  a good listener, not to interrupt and be open to ideas
  •  honest, reliable and dutiful
  •  punctual and presentable
  •  well organised with tools, materials, time

Personal participation: I must…

  • not be late to class or otherwise inform a team member via FB or cell phone
  • meet deadlines and weekly tasks
  • participate in my share of the team’s work
  • contribute ideas and information
  • be a positive team player, encouraging and friendly

Personal expectations: I expect my team members to…

  • have respect for each member physically and verbally
  • listen when each member is speaking and not interrupt 
  • all contribute in the conceptual, ideas process
  • participate in their share of the team’s work
  • meet deadlines set for our team’s work

I thought I would get some examples of some infographics to inspire how my contract might look…example


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