Project: Presentation day.


This morning consisted of sharing our individual projects to the class. The brief was to create at least one 400×400 piece of work that demonstrated what we enjoy creating, as well as what we are good at. This was in order to showcase to our teams what and how we can potentially contribute toward our upcoming paper project.

I chose to focus on demonstrating that I enjoy the handmade side of the creation process through that of painting and drawing. I have a real interest in the mark making side of this; how the various types of tools can be used to create different outcomes. Also, the various thicknesses, shapes and uses of tools; such as a thin and thick marker, or flicking a brush with your finger. I really like exploring and making this way.

Another big interest for me is that of photography and film. I chose to showcase a film this time around, in order to demonstrate what inspires my creativity. Nature is such a relaxing, beautiful, vast subject that is ever-changing and inspiring. I wanted to show that in my film as well as the beauty of painting.

I love making logos and have become quite interested in making motion graphics; I currently use photoshop and after effects for there, but would love to learn more about Illustrator.

After the presentations we broke off into our teams and continued to speak about our paper project. I divided our team into parts: materials, mediums and themes, and we  began to create the cut outs to help us think of ideas. This is an interesting way of making your mind step out of the confined box by randomising what the outcome of ideas will be. We are going to leave the idea making process until next week because Paul said he would like to participate in this with us. However our team has come up with one starting point of an idea based around making paper fish and incorporating how we can use them to create an awareness of the fishes natural environment. So far, this has just been discussed in a wee meeting we set up the other day, but I like that my team are good at working together and that we’re already generating ideas and contributing/synergising as one. If the team doesn’t find any new ideas springing up from this paper generated task next week, then at least we have already got one idea in the works.


I also enjoyed the little analogy that Paul mentioned today, of the Dior bottle from a photographic lightbulb; that one can make the most of a moment by drawing creativity from the world around. Be spontaneous. If you have nothing, make something from somewhere unexpected- it will strike up new ideas!


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