‘Storytelling for CDF’ research.

Before todays lesson, I have delved into some information on storyboarding, information design and artist maps in order to prepare myself for the class later on this morning. English film director and producer, Ridley Scott, says that storyboarding is the “first look of the film”. I completely agree with this statement. A storyboard is essentially a sequence of images that flesh out and indicate the direction of a given story. I have done a bit of story boarding in the past for various assignments; its a very useful way of jotting down ideas really quickly so that they don’t float away!

Here are two great Youtube clips that demonstrate two different ways in the which storyboarding process can occur. One is about how to use photoshop and the computer, while the other is drawing crudely by hand. I chose both of these clips to show that there is no wrong way of starting out the storyboard process; it just comes down to comfortability and what works best for your situation.

This website (http://bit.ly/1oZgFUK ) also provides some great tips to consider when storyboarding; I hadn’t thought of using a grid to help with perspective before! This is an awesome idea, one that I will attempt with our work later on in class!

Infographics and maps are other formats of informational visual storytelling. The term, Information design, refers to the practice of presenting information effectively and a more matter of fact mannerism. Graphic designers have used their skillets to create infographics that effectively display information in a way that is visually appealing and engaging. These websites are really nice demonstrations of this: http://bit.ly/1pO5eOzhttp://bit.ly/1Mv8pHohttp://bit.ly/1bzAsQH and http://bit.ly/1Q8hT65. What’s also interesting is that artists are recycling maps to recreate new stories and art forms: (http://bit.ly/1WsMcMk). Rebecca Krinke has created a large laser map that routes out peoples personal places of joy and pain. Contemporary British artist, Susan Stockwell, has recreated maps into high end fashion, crafting lovely paper dresses. she has also created other artistic pieces of states and maps using recycled materials.

I wonder how exactly we will carry out the in class assignment today…will it be with map making, storyboarding a series of infographics? I shall soon find out!


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