Goals, habits, personalities.

*Last week before the end of class, we were given a ‘goals sheet.’ This was to be completed for todays class and so I have posted some photographs of that in here. 

Today we delved into our goal sheets; discussing what goals are, how do they benefit us and how can we make S.M.A.R.T goals?  We also began exploring what our personality types are and how we vary from others; how we can understand our differences and work alongside one another. 

Quick side note: Our team (7B) code of conduct should be up on Moodle. Renee said she had placed it up there on behalf of our team. Now, our new task is to create an code of conduct for ourselves…I must create this then upload to Moodle asap.

This morning we started off glossing over our goal sheets form last weeks homework. After some conversation, we came into the realisation of why this task was so important to us. Goal setting may be seemingly hard, boring and unappealing at first, however goals are what help us to realise the ideas and dreams within our minds. Once a goal is spoken of, written out and/or held accountable for, this is when we begin to work harder to achieve said goals. We learnt that there is actually a S.M.A.R.T method for writing out effective goals that will engage and encourage the person into action.

Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time-bound

This was so interesting to me, because I have never heard of this method before. In the past, I have been told to set goals at primary school, intermediate etc. Yet nobody really told me how to make a goal effective so that it would completely motivate me to follow up on it! I have always enjoyed making lists; checking off tasks upon their completion. Yet goal setting was always something I dreaded, and perhaps it was due to a lack of understanding how to effectively write out goals that lead me to this negative view upon such a task. The measurable and time bound aspects of a good goal are really useful. In adding specific measurable quantities and a realistic time bound end point would definitely make the goal much clearer and controlled, thus motivating the goal setter toward achievement.

“Vision with out action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”.
– Japanese proverb
We then explored how one can take responsibility and thus become self empowered through that of Stephan Coveys “7 Habits of Success”, the MBTI  (Myers and Briggs) personality test and viewed a ‘motivational video’ via Youtube. If anything, the video demonstrated that motivation and self direction are key values to input into any goal in order to achieve. The 7 habits of success promoted a set of steps that one can use to prepare themselves through their goal based journey. The personality test outcome for me was that of ESFJ: Extroverted, Sensory, Feeling, Judgement. Personally, I don’t know whether these tests are completely accurate representations, just because with me, I found myself naturally drawn to both sides of the coin so to speak. Yes I am one who likes to initiate conversation, but I also tend to be quiet and reflective as well, etc. Lastly, I found this animated video reflection on the Seven Habits of Success to be quite an engaging way of explaining the said habits; the visual imagery stuck with me and it was quite enjoyable.

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