Gif animation exercise.

This week is our last time exploring some of the basic functions that Photoshop has to offer. We are ending the Photoshop tutorials with a gif making session. Carsten introduced the class to what is called the ‘puppet warp’ tool, so that we may explore a certain avenue for animation with a single image. In the small presentation prior to our exercise, we briefly discussed the blending modes used in Photoshop, such as multiply, burns, dodges and so on. We touched upon animation, what it is and its various formats. Animation, simply put, is moving imagery. It is a series of many individual images/frames that create an entire sequence of moving picture/s. Fps refers to the frames per second, these are things I have learnt about in the past and am aware of. However animation is something that really interests me and so I enjoyed making the gif today!


Here is how I made this Gif. Firstly, I found a still image via google. This was placed into Ps, removed from its white background and then duplicated. I then used the puppet warp tool on theĀ duplicated image, in order to move the tail and ears. This step is repeated in order to achieve the movement of such features. I then duplicated all the current images, pasted them and reversed their order. This is done so that the tail will move up and down, and the ears will go side to side. Once satisfied, I move into the frame sequence area where I then changed the fps from 0 to 1 second. Loop the image, and then go ‘save to web’ in order to create a moving gif! Yay! This was a simple and fun task to complete- the steps are easy to retain and teach to others.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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