Perspective: First presentation series.

Sadly I missed out on engaging as a participant of the audeince in this class presentation due to being away. My poor puffed up knee rendered me bedridden…I am quite upset about having to miss the class because it isn’t on Echo360! Bugger! It would’ve been good to get to see how the teams presented in order to gain a better understanding on how to present with my own team…it also would’ve been great to be a part of the discussions afterward. I have asked some of my class mates how it all went to try and surface some information. I think the gist of it was about how quickly technology is changing in the world; both past and present day.

On the plus side, I found out that our Theme Team presentation is coming up soon! My teams topic of focus is “Technological Realities”. I am allocated to the Local Impact section of the slide. I feel like this will be an interesting section to research, as personally, i haven’t heard much on the subjects of virtual and augmented realities and their uses or impacts within our country…I hope I can find something really neat to share!

I will be posting links to all collected pages of my end of the research, so that you may see my individual contributions to my teams work (7B). Until next time!


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