Know your paper! presentation.

This morning we had the privilege of receiving a free presentation and set of sample paper swatches from that of the Studio Art Supplies store. The presentation focused on paper types and their uses. We examined the various swatches given to us and how they function  with certain mediums, due to their gsm and grain direction. I wrote down some notes on my phone so that I could pop them up here now:

  • Smooth surfaces: good for pen and ink
  • Smooth surfaces: when painting, allows for delicate washes, soft areas of colour though not much depth of colour.
  • Matte/coldpress: when painting more depth acquired. Thicknesses vary; much better for watercolour.
  • Rough: Allows for a lot of variety in painting, textural strokes, layering of paint.

Good quality papers are made from wood free pulp, was something else I remember the speaker saying. Papers with cotton or rag hold together wet media far better than paper without…it also prevents bowing due to the absorption. This is all really interesting to me because I do enjoy wet media, especially that of watercolour, watered down acrylic and gauche painting. We learnt that certain masks and seals can also be applied to papers to create interesting effects, as well as to protect, completed works. One of these was gesso I believe.

Grain direction is another important factor to consider when interacting with paper. When folded, the paper will either bow or fold neatly according to the way in which the grain is laid out within.

It was so good to learn more about different paper types because our brief says we need to explore the qualities, possibilities and abilities of paper. I read this as meaning to explore not just one but many types of papers. I am interested in trying to incorporate different types of texture, thicknesses, colour and shape with paper into the team project. There are so many wonderful types of paper available for use, so it was intriguing to hear more about how they interact with other mediums.

Afterward, we discussed our latest task that will be due400 next Thursday!

We have to make a 400×400 piece that demonstrates to our team/class what we enjoy making; what we can provide to our teams in terms of contribution.

So far, I have an idea to show that I enjoy making through that of my hands, with raw materials such as paint and drawing with pen…but I also love film; making, editing and have currently become interested in motion graphics too. I want to make a film that incorporates the handmade as well as the digital use of motion graphics and film editing.


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