The world in a frame.

Today was quite a chilled out lesson. After finishing up on the technology short reports, we were posed with the question: “What is composition?” Well, a composition is simply the constituents or parts that make up the whole, and the whole itself. We were given an A4 sheet with a frame on to cut out. We got to choose from a series of options on what the class could go away and photograph. In the end we ran with ‘perspective’ as our theme to capture. I  thought the stairs wIMG_20160314_123654ould provide an interesting  scene within  my frame, due to the range of variant lines creating movement from fore/mid to background. The perception of height and distance can also be achieved due to the subjects placement within these  photographic areas. Finally I was also thinking about the angling of my composition in order to allow for these said things to be attained within my final image as shown. It was cool to get a simple exercise that  got the brain pumping and creative juices flowing.

I’m still curious as to what my team is meant to be presenting for this ‘Theme Team’ presentation…and I just realised too that we also have to do some Innovation presentation too? I will keep checking Moodle to find out more!


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