Photoshopping MuiMui.

Today we learnt about layers, masks and their purposes. We briefly covered what destructive and non destructive layers are too. I quite like these classes because although I already know these basics of Photoshop, it is always to go through them once more as a refresher for myself and those who don’t know. It is also interesting to hear more about the way in which colours, printing, scale and such affect the outcome of the image. I have watched some of the playlist to learn more about these technicalities; its good the playlist is there to watch whenever I need reminding.

In order to further explore the way in which masking works as a non destructive layer, we got to edit a sweet cat named MuiMui. Our goal was to place the kitty into a new background ‘seamlessly’. Here are my steps below:

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Firstly, I imported the original image into PS. i then duplicated this and set a layer mask to it. This is where I began using the brush tool to remove the background. In some cases, I used the area selection tool to hone in on the areas nearer to Mui’s fur. Once most of the background had been removed, I right clicked on the masked layer to ‘refine mask.’ This is all shown in the photo slide above. I chose to have these effects apply to a new layer ( so Mui was cut out into a new layer). I then applied yet another player mask, and done proceeded with the same steps in order to really get as close to the fur as possible.

After this, I copy pasted Mui into the new scene, and added some funky hipster glasses. Introducing ‘Hipster Mui’!

Hipster Mui


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