Project: Short film.

Throughout the week, my team were discussing what sort of theme we should use for our paper film. After a mini exploratory visit to the downstairs basement, we were inspired to think about the identity or evolution of paper. We began thinking how paper has various 2D and 3D forms, many uses and that it can be recycled into new paper items. This all inspired our idea called “Paper Evolution”. 

From the top left of the tiled image mosaic are two pictures from the basement. These are what began our idea in playing with the identity of paper. We thought of how paper can be turned from a sheet into something like a coffee cup then a cardboard box and so on. While location scouting, we were inspired to recreate our own identity by placing a cartoon image of ourselves over our real faces. Esther drew these images by hand, while Renee edited them in photoshop onto our photographs. Charlie and I chose locations, took photos and contributed to the idea processes while Amin edited the film and shared to media. The team worked well together; and the film was made for the deadline. Because of this, I think we done a good job, however if anything, I think we could’ve have made more of an effort at location scouting ( we could’ve explored the campus a bit further). We also could’ve drawn up a story board beforehand to help lay out our ideas much clearer, and taken more photographs so that we could refine our idea further. I am pleased with our outcome, and it is only early days- its good to see how we can improve in order to do better next time!



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