Professional practices tour.

Today was more or less an introduction to and familiarisation with the fabrication facilities and photography/digital printing areas. John leader group over to the fabrication barns first. Here we were introduced to Harry, who began the rundown of specific safety and hazard issues that we need to be aware of in each of the rooms.Harry provided us with a lot of information; he took us through the various hard materials, pottery, jewellery, crafting and welding barns. He explained what certain machines do, what can get really hot and dangerous, and what precautions we need to take on board in order to keep ourselves/our peers safe.

I had no idea these facilities even existed on campus! I was rather impressive discovering the variety of tools and equipment available for use. This only means that we can look into so many other areas of craft; we can use our hands to build, sculpt and fashion products from scratch. Harry also said that we may use these areas for personal projects in our own time! I may consider taking on some more prop making challenges for my cosplaying friends if I get the chance.

After our final banters and musings into the more paranormal side of the metal workshop, we wandered back up to Building One, along to the photography and digital print rooms. Here we were introduced to Karen, who explained how the camera equipment loaning system works.

She then showed us the studios and darkroom areas. The studios are equipped with backdrops and there are plenty of lighting tools available for use too. We are really lucky having such easy access to otherwise expensive equipment! I believe that our class has begun talking amongst one another in regards to setting up some induction days so that we may begin to safely and correctly use these facilities. This is something to consider when it comes to professional practices; net working and organisation!

The darkrooms were really interesting to me, for I have never experienced photography in this raw state. Having only taken up photography in year 13, I missed out on learning how to use a darkroom along with all the photographic technicalities that come along with this practice. Once again this would be another good place to ask for an induction.

Overall, today was a good discovery day. I learnt that are A LOT more creative outlets lurking around the Unitec campus! We learnt what practices we must learn in order to be safe around these areas, as well as to get net working with the staff and ask for inductions and lessons in regards to operating and using the tools/spaces correctly.

I should’ve taken a picture or two to make this blog a bit more appealing! Next time.


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