Drawing with space.

After having created my personal symbol last week, I now have to transform this 2D image into a series of 3D models.  This could involve creating 3D objects out of either paper or light card. There are no limitations as to how we use the paper; scrunching, ripping, folding, cutting and so on. 

I wanted to try making my entire symbol into a 3D form, but also to deconstruct bits and pieces of it and to have a play around with their shapes/structures. First I experimented with flat paper; drawing my symbol out onto the surface and then cutting it out in a way that it would stand upright from the paper. I then played around with symmetry by cutting out the shape of my symbol- playing around with its form then later scrunching it up to reconstruct its old form into something new. I chose to deconstruct the triangular part in order to play with that shape. Cutting into the shape to create the curving lines was also something I done in order to think about how light and shadow may course through this later. For each structure, I tried to consider capturing how the light would cast shadow, and tried to manipulate various contrasting shadows for each object. In doing this experiment, I saw my model transform from a simple 2D image into textured, curvaceous interesting 3D forms.

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This task was quite difficult for me; I found it challenging to make 20 different objects. This was probably because I haven’t had much experience working with 3D paper formats before and my symbol was quite an intricate, detailed design to transform. Although it was hard, it was enjoyable nonetheless. It was good to get my mind thinking in a more abstract manner. In the end, I only made ten various images. If I can think of more structures to make, then I will add them at a later date.


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