W2: Photo manipulation.

Today in Tools we covered what the Adobe cloud is used for, and that over this semester, Photoshop, In Design and Premiere Pro will be the three Adobe apps that we will be interacting with. Carsten began navigating us through Lynda.com; I eventually was able to log in so I should now have an account to view extra homework on. The class had a skim through this video here: “Airship of Doom”.

This is some quite hardcore photo editing; I have never had to edit anything quite like this before. At high school, I mostly used photoshop to make visuals, draw and do fairly basic photo editing. If we ever get told to make something like this, I think it will be quite a challenge and time consuming, but the learning experience will be phenomenal.

With time slipping away, we did not get to do our in class assignment. When I arrived home, I went through some of my old raw photographs from my year 13 photography board. I then used Photoshop to recreate the black and white image below.

In order to create this black and white image, I masked the original image and used the ‘black and white’ option. I played with curves and levels in order to vignette the edging and darken the shadowed areas. In order to create the torn hole into her mind, I used the pen tool to create a shape I desired, and cut out a hole in the head. I then made a layer and made it a flat skin colour, to which I masked black and white also. I used the cut pieces to create what look like tears/folded out skin. I used the clone stamp to give texture on these folds. To create the images of the girls/thoughts inside her head, I had to import a separate photograph, lasso around this to cut it out and copy-paste to make three layers. I then played with their opacity so that they looked faded. In order to keep the lips red, I pen tooled around this area, and unmasked the black and white colouration in that area.

This photo is about being unhappy with ones self identity, and how the media influences the mind into thinking/acting/trying to achieve a certain way. The red lips represented seduction.

I am interested in what we will be doing next week, and I am excited to learn more about these apps, because although I have used all three in the past, there is always so much to learn from them! I am also new to mac and need to get used to the shortcuts.

*Update: I have subscribed to the Lynda.com photoshop playlist, and have begun watching the tutorials. They are very informative and contain a large insight into the various ways in which photoshop can be used to manipulate photographs….I will keep watching these each week to help me learn new techniques.


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