Technology short reports.

Phew, today was quite a lot to take in! After Tools, we rushed off to the shuttle and hustled on down to Perspective. Daniel quickly introduced us to Google Drive and explained that we will be using this technology format quite often, in fact, we used it for this very lesson! Proving a point I see! Using Google Docs, we were faced with a series of topics to choose from to research. Renee, Charlie and I chose the topic ‘Gartner’s hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies’. We were all given three or so minutes to go away and research what we could about our specific topics. The three of us started with a simple google question: “What is the Gartner’s hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies?” Various sites came up but the explanations were rather technical and contained certain jargon that was a bit confusing for our expertise…so we skim read it a few times to try and get the understanding into our heads, then moved on to looking at a graph which displayed the stages of a hype cycle.

When it came to presenting our findings, we were a bit of a shambles. This was simply because we really didn’t understand a lot about our topic at all and therefore could not really explain it to the class.

This lesson was valuable in demonstrating the importance of preparation when it comes to presentation; you have to know your topic, as well as to have the confidence to share accurate facts, and be open for questioning. With team presentations, I think it would be good for the whole team to understand the basics of the topic, but also specialise in certain areas, so that the research can be split up and gathered together faster.

We also discussed our upcoming “Theme Team” assignments. It seems as though we are doing this is our actual teams, and that we will each be given a topic to research. From there we will have to present our findings to the class in a Google Slide format. I am not sure what topic my team (7B) will get at the moment- for now its a mystery!

(I also learnt that a hype cycle is actually a graph that demonstrates how a certain product is initially received by the public, and how it may flop but eventually find its feet again by that of company investment and product improvement…pretty interesting really)!


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