Welcome to Project.

Every Thursday is dedicated to what is known as our ‘Project’. It seems that this is the big team based item that we make each semester. Today we discussed in class about the course and its counterparts, including this project stuff. It seems a bit confusing, but I think that the way in which I have grasped it and laid out my WordPress thus far is correct for the most part. After our discussion, we headed off to the studio spaces in our teams to begin our very first collaboration exercises. We were given two warm up tasks to complete called: ‘Paper Exercises’ and the ‘Brick Challenge’. In the paper exercises task, we had to follow the instructions on a sheet provided to us. The first four tasks were more individual; we each had to make things out of paper that would later contribute to the ‘paper as a composite’ part.

But before we could create the final composite, we had to use A4 paper in such a way that would end up holding the weight of a brick! Our team started discussing how we could do this, and we began experimenting how we could fold the paper. We then found that rolling the paper and folding the edging created a self-standing scroll. We made a lot more of these, then began arranging them into four thick pillar formations. In the end, Paul said our structure was one of the most aesthetic! In a way, it reminded me of Roman temple architecture…The set of photographs below demonstrate the pieces I and my team made.

Overall, today was yet another good way to get to know my team more. We all seem to naturally click; everyone contributed and listened to each other. These paper exercises were really good for refreshing the mind too. After having been on holiday/break, it is good to be given a simple brief that actually made me think on an abstract level. I found myself wondering how I could become more creative with the paper, and began exploring new ways in which the paper could be folded and manipulated. We have been asked to take at least ten photographs around the campus that feature paper, then produce a film for next weeks class! I love how much we get to explore through various mediums; its a great way to learn more about ourselves and more about what we don’t know too!

This really cool mural by Andrea Mastrovito demonstrates how one can effectively utilise  physical space to create a 3D work of art with paper. She has cut out images of wildlife from magazines and placed them together in such a way that brings forward texture, shape, movement and contrast that draws the eye around the mural as a whole. I had a read of this to get me inspired for more paper exercises because our project is going to be based around this media.

Source: (http://www.treehugger.com/culture/animal-cutouts-installation-recycled-textbooks-andrea-mastrovito.html)Mural


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