My Flag, my story.

My Flag, bg

‘My flag, my story’ is the first In Class Assignment from that of introduction to Story. With this task, we were asked to go away and create a flag that symbolised something of importance to to us. After settling down at home with a good cuppa, I pulled out my sketch book, and was immediately struck with two important ideas. The first being my Dad’s passing away, and the second being my baptism. Both are very personal, and rest within the depths of my heart.

I chose to focus on my Dad’s passing awahdry for my flag because this event occurred first, back when I was only  sixteen. It was such a big shock; it definitely changed my family’s life.

My Dad was a boat builder; he had worked for Alloy Yachts for a good nineteen years. On the morning of March 23th, 2012, he came back home just before my brother and I were ready to
head out the door for college. I remember being hdrfrightened as I heard a dim slamming noise from outside. I popped my head out the window to see Dad walking slowly up the front steps, towards the door. As I walked out into the lounge, he was standing by the ranch slider, one hand limply clinging to his upper chest…and of course, my worried mother bent over him murmuring her concern. In the past, Dad had suffered from a minor heart attack and had ongoing cases of angina since. With a pale face, Dad insisted he was okay, that he just didn’t feel very well, and would go lie down. He had said to just get us kids to school, and although mum wasn’t happy leaving him alone, she knew it would only take a few minutes drive up the road. I remember hugging him gently, and saying “Take care of yourself” before going…those were the last words I would ever get to say to him…because as soon as mum got home, she found my dad unconscious in the hallway, after having had a heart attack…I remember getting her spastic text saying he had been rushed to hospital…how it felt to have the whole world seem to pause and fade away into a void feeling…I don’t really want to share much more about the rest of that night, with trips to the hospital. The long and short of it was that he passed away just after midnight.

My flag is all dedicated to him, and how special he was/still is to me.

The white strip symbolises peace and heaven. With my Christian faith, I know that Dad is at peace and is in Heaven with the Lord. The turquoise strip represents the sea; something he and I love and enjoyed together. We would go boating, sailing, kayaking and have family beach holidays. The pale white circle symbolises a sun setting upon a sea, as well as soul, glimmering faintly. Lastly, the deep blue strip is the depths of the ocean, loss and sadness.

I enjoyed making this flag a lot. In a way, its another way of just remembering and honouring him.




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