Welcome to Professional Practices.

This morning we were introduced to the Professional Practices class with a quick innovative skills game known as the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’. It was a great way to kick off the morning because it forced our fuzzy minds into action, and allowed for us to collaborate under a limited time frame with peers we barely knew. Due to these factors, the challenge demonstrated how each team player interacted and contributed toward the final product. It was a good ‘ice breaker’ and a lot of fun!

What does ‘Professional’ mean?

  • Relating to that of a profession12798924_896009100494698_722695107974698859_n
  • Worthy or competent, skilled
  • Knowledgeable in specified practices
  • Effective problem solver
  • Appropriate mannerisms, respectful
  • Appropriate attire according to occasion
  • Proficient communication/listening skills
  • Punctual, time management skills
  • Well disciplined, focused
  • Contributor
  • Higher level of exception

What does ‘Practices’  mean?

  • To apply oneself to a particular idea or method
  • Maintaining learnt skills
  • Learning on the job
  • Researching, making, doing
  • Self improvement
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Improving speech and writing
  • Improving confidence

So, what do they mean together?

In conjunction, professional practices means to apply/accustom oneself to the appropriate skills, knowledge and mannerisms that are of relevance to the specified profession.

This class strives to strengthen these skills within us so that we may be well equipped for the real world creative industries, or, within our own future businesses and entrepreneurial ambitions..!


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