Welcome to Creativity & Design Fundamentals.

This afternoon was my first lesson in Creativity and Design Fundamentals…and I must say it seems so intriguing! The focus of our study for this semester is ‘Creative Practice through Making’. I think that so far, we are being encouraged to generate our ideas into creative works without worrying too much about a finesse, refined final.

We have been discussing why ‘quantity over quality’ is a much more desirable trait to demonstrate right now in the first year. This is because, if we simply create designs and products within the mindset of a more boundless inquisition, we will surely learn more from practicing and repeating, making, drawing, doing-  we will be learning from mistakes, and how to better polish our outcomes. Another key factor in this learning process is that of developing how to better the transition from concept to development to final.

It’s only early days, yet collaboration has already been strongly emphasised throughout our course, and it definitely happened today after the initial presentation. Our teams got to choose a studio space for us to work in, and eventually fill the walls with drawings! it was such a ball- running up and down the corridors grabbing couches, lockers, moving tables around- transforming the room into that of a second home. I got to know my team members and some class mates a lot more, which was really nice. I am surprised at how fast we have already connected/become friends!

After settling down into our awesome new studios, we were given the first In Class Assignment; to make a symbol that represents us visually. I will discuss this in the ‘ICA: Creativity/Design Fundamentals’ section of my site.

Upon coming home, I have found some extra articles on Moodle which are really interesting.

This Youtube video is a great example on how to be patient with the drawing practice. It explains in detail a method that one can use to sketch out a basic idea and transform it into a more defined image. This is a good way to practice fleshing out a concept and moving it forward into a more developmental stage. It is a good reminder for me to not rush, or expect the first drawing to be amazing. Sometimes I worry too much about the quality which does indeed become a creative block.

This video is also pretty rad. It talks about three kinds of practice; innate, inspired, developmental.

  • Innate: “Consistency over time…drawing everyday…project creations…less about intensity, more about volume”.
  • Inspired: “Burning passion to create…from rapid bursts of learning through observation and enthusiasm…difficult to conjure, difficult to maintain…heavily reliant on emotion, information, environment..surround yourself with inspiration”.
  • Developmental: “Acquired skills and developmental process…often most frustrating, but most constructive, more mechanical”.

Oh wow! I have already written and learnt so much today. But that means I can look back and re-watch these videos to remind me to relax when drawing and just Practice through Making!


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