Welcome to Creative Technologies.

Today marked a new transition for me. I am no longer a student at AUT, nor on a gap year surviving the boredom with a part time job. As of now, I am a tea drinking, creative thinking, blog maintaining first year student at Unitec! 

One thing I recall upon from this morning, and am very thankful for, were the bright red ‘BCE’ signs stuck up on the doors and walls; marking out a clear route to the end destination! As class quickly filled up, we began the first day being welcomed by our facilitators. They each introduced themselves and their roles, then proceeded to share a powerpoint with us in regards to our course. What struck me was the way in which the facilitators extended such warmth and encouragement toward us; collaboration and creativity are clear fundamentals that they wish to embed into our practices. They already envision a clear way in which to teach and work along side us, which has ignited so much more positivity and excitement into my choice to study here.

“The only stupid question was the one that wasn’t asked”. 

“The only bad drawing was the one that you never drew”.

These are two quotes that I will now embrace throughout the year; like building blocks I will use them to construct confidence into all that I do.

Now, back to todays main events. After our ‘meet and greet’, we delved into the first Creative Technologies lesson. There are two aspects to this class; Tools and Perspective. Tools is learning about how to efficently use the various programmes and technologies, such as Photoshop, at a more professional level…while Perspective is about the way in which we interpret and represent our designs through the uses of these tools and technologies.

We were introduced to the Mac-labs and got stuck into creating our WordPress blogs, and other various websites, such as Moodle. The class has also been sorted into mini teams, and groups A and B. To conclude, today was more or less a welcoming, run-through of our course, checking into new sites and making sure everyone is up and running on the internet. I left Unitec feeling so much enthusiasm for the year ahead. I feel that the creativity, collaboration and challenges Unitec provides will bring out great changes into the way I think, make and do.


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